Plans for 2013

Though Adywan says “this year” in the following post, he means this coming year, as he can’t finish ESB in the week between Christmas and New Years!

…things will be getting back on track after Christmas and YOU WILL see ESB:R released this year. There isn’t much left to do, just a bit of filming and some FX work with the models/ miniature sets.

With the news that Disney had purchased Star Wars, panic set in at first. But hopefully Disney will continue to leave fan edits alone.

This year will also see ROTJ:R go into production. I’m looking to start the full planning stages around July/ August, but maybe sooner depending on how soon i can get ESB:R finished and out there. But i am also planning on working on ANH:R HD at the same time as i will be doing ROTJ:R, so you may get to see the HD version of ANH:R sooner than originally planned. This will give me good practice for when i get to the prequels because, as you may know, i will be doing all three simultaneously. Can it be done? Only time will tell.

Thanks again for your continued support.

– Adywan


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