Empire Revisited Delayed Until 2013

An update from Facebook:

Sorry for the lack of updates, but things are going a little slower than i had hoped with the renovation of the house. I’ve still got at least another months worth of work to do on it before i can build my workstation in the new room and set my main PC up again. So work won’t continue until at least November/ December now. This means that a 2012 release is unfortunately impossible to achieve any more. With the renovation work on the house and the fact that my Daughter is due to have her baby at the beginning of December, which means i will be travelling all the way to Shrewsbury quite a lot, it will be difficult to fit a lot, if any, work on the edit in during this time. But you should hopefully start to see a lot more regular updates appearing from around the New Year with some behind the scenes footage too.Again, I’m sorry this is taking so long to finish, but real life does get in the way at times. Thank you all for being so patient.

– Adywan


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