I’ve been a bit quiet on here lately, not only because this account was suspended [from Facebook], but also because there have been some developments in my personal life that have been taking up most of my time. Luckily this time it isn’t anything bad. It looks like i will be moving house within the next month or so. This will be really beneficial, not only for my personal life, but also for the Revisited projects. It will give me a hell of a lot more space to be able to create and film everything i need to do. So from this point in time, until everything is sorted and we have settled into the new place, i will be unable to work on ESB:R. It’s still not 100% confirmed that i will be moving as yet as there are still factors that may halt the move, but its more certain than not presently. Whilst this is all in progress it’s unlikely that i will have any internet access while everything is swapped over so i probably won’t be able to give regular updates. So i apologise for yet another delay on the release date but i hope you can all understand why this is now a priority. I wasn’t able to say anything earlier because all this has only happened during the last few weeks.

Because of this new delay i will be posting a new video shortly.




As promised, the new clip from ESB:R. Every shot is complete apart from 1 shot of the shield generator (because i haven’t filmed the new model yet) .


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