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Well ESB:R is almost here. I’m working on the final sections of video FX (rotoscoping to add new background etc) and then all that is left to do, video wise, is finishing off the miniatures sets etc and filming them, which the filming and compositing them into the movie side of thing wont take very long at all. But, as anyone who does any form of scratch building in the UK knows, materials here cost a lot. Funds have dried up and building has now ground to a halt. This is the only thing now that is going to delay ESB:R. So, for the final time, I really need your help. The final total for materials is approx £1500. Once this target has been reached then any further donations received after this will be refunded. Now, as you may know, anyone that makes a donation of £5 or more (approx $8) gets entered into a draw for a chance to win one of the things being built for ESB:R. Well i’ve now decided that if we can reach this final total there will now be TWO first prize winners and 20 second prize winners. Once the total has been reached the draw will be made and the winners announced.

Donations can be made through Paypal using the link on the right side of [this page].

Winners will be contacted through the email address that they donate with unless these donators have requested a different email address when donating.

Once the donations have reached 50% i will upload one final clip from ESB:R showing Luke’s rescue for Cloud City

Thank you to everyone that has continued to support Revisited. Without you, this would just not be possible


NOTE: When you use the PayPal button, it automatically donates in British Pounds. The only way you can change the currency is if you sign in to PayPal yourself, and manually make a donation by filling in all the info, including Ady’s address (adywan at hotmail dot co dot uk)


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