October 2011 News

Adywan has announced the following on the SWR Facebook Page:

Well i’ve almost finished transferring all the FX work to the new blu-ray sourced video. The difference in quality between the HDTV and the Blu-Ray is pretty noticeable. Some shots weren’t as easy as just importing the new source video because of the slight differences in colour, grain structure etc. So these need a lot more work. But i’ve tweaked most of the shots in some small or large way.


He also commented in regards to the above comparisons:

For Vaders saber in the cave, just listen to the scene. His sabre is heard igniting but it is already lit in that shot, so you now see it ignite. The hangar shot hasn’t had the ceiling replaced yet ( you can still see where the set ends). This will be replaced once i have built and filmed the new hangar miniature.

the blade in the original was not only attached in the wrong place, but also bent. You can see here that the new rotoscoped blade is correct:



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