September 2011 News

This was a big month for Star Wars. The Saga was finally released on Blu-ray, with even more changes, some definitely for the worse. While several hundred of us, including some celebrities, encouraged people to boycott the releases because they did not contain the original trilogy in their theatrical form, they still made $84 million dollars the first week, making it the best selling Blu-ray of all time.

Adywan bought and reviewed the set, weighing the possibility of being able to use the deleted scenes for Return of the Jedi and the Prequels. Unfortunately, the quality of the Return of the Jedi scenes and the unfinished state of the Prequel scenes, along with the fact that none of the scenes from the DVD release are featured, mean that they most likely will not be able to be used. He has however, announced this:

ESB:R will be a mixture of HDTV and Blu-Ray sources, with the Blu-Ray being the main source for the edit. I’m just completing transferring the colour correction to the Blu-Ray and then i’ll be reapplying the FX work to the sections that are using the new source.

Though the quality upgrade is negligible, the fact that LFL didn’t mess with the colors again (even if they and most reviews swear that they did) means that Ady is able to apply his color correction to the Blu-ray then bring over the new elements, with a minimal amount of work.

This also means that we’re going to ask everyone who eventually obtains a copy of Empire Strikes Back: Revisited to own a legitimate copy of the Blu-rays, according to forum rules. I’m sure that by May 2012 (still the estimated release date) several people will have already sold their Blu-rays to second hand stores, if you can wait.

Revisited also had a fund raiser in the weeks leading up to the release of the Blu-rays. We asked that everyone on the Facebook Page donate a single unit of their currency. Some even went above and beyond this goal and donated the entire cost they would have spent on the Blu-ray set! We should all be grateful for their generosity. We’ll have some premieres of what was purchased here on this site hopefully soon!

If you’d like to discuss this, please head to the Facebook Page or Forums.


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