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OK guys, here it is. Your chance to own one of the set pieces/ models that are being created for use in ESB:Revisited.

As you may or may not know i am creating new miniature set pieces and models to replace matte paintings and for other scenes, but the cost of getting al the materials needed is beyond my means at the moment, so to be able to afford to continue with these edits i’m solely reliant on donations. . Now i wanted to offer something back to those that donate towards the costs of the materials needed to create all these items. So here is what is going to happen:

Anyone that donates towards ESB:Revisited between 1st July 2011 and the final cut off point for donations, once the cost of the materials has been covered,(i will announce that donations are closed one everything needed has been purchased and any donations made after this time will be immediately refunded/refused) will have their names entered into a draw to win one of these one off items (postage may have to be paid for by the winner if outside of the UK and depending upon size of their selected prize). How it will work is that for every £5 donated that person will be allocated a ticket that will be put into the hat for the draw. So that mean the more you donate the higher the chance of winning.

Now these are the items up for offer with which the winner will be able to make their own choice of which one they prefer):

Rebel shield generator scratch built model
Dagobah miniature set with crashed Xwing (used to replace the matte when Luke first crashes on Dagobah)
Rebel turret gun ( action figure scale) with partial Hoth Battle Trench
Dagobah background diorama (used to replace the matte there the X-Wing is lifted out of the water and flies towards Luke)
A large section of the asteroid canyon (which i will add a damaged TIE fighter fixed to the canyon wall) 

Now one of these items will be the main prize, but there are also 10 runners up prizes. Each of the runners up will recive an A3 framed print of the original painting i did for the original ANH:Revisited DVD cover (which is also this sites main profile pic). Each one will be personally signed to the winners by me. 

So how can you donate? Well you can donate through Paypal to this email address: or click on the Paypal button on the main page of the site.

Now , as i said earlier, i really wouldn’t be able to finish this edit without the help of the kind people who have donated towards the materials costs so a huge thank you to you all.

If you do donate then please make sure you include your full name and preferred contact email address in the paypal notes or if using the wordpress link (not sure if it allows you to attach notes)  email me at  with your full name, the email address you donated with and your preferred contact email address.

All winners will be announced here and will also be contacted through their preferred email addresses.

Now i can’t stress enough that any donations towards ESB:Revisited are only used towards the cost of materials so please don’t contact me offering any donations in return for a copy of the finished film as these email will be ignored. The Revisited saga will be available for free so if anyone ever offers you a copy in return for payment then please refuse. George Lucas owns Star Wars and not us so i am completely against anyone making any form of profit apart from the legitimate owners of this franchise.


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