Adywan Reveals Prequel Revisited Plan

“OK, i have come to a major decision regarding the prequels. I will be approaching these in a completely different way to how i am with the OT. I have decided that, instead of concentrating on one movie at a time, that ALL THREE will be done simultaneously. Madness, i hear you all cry. Well, yes it is pretty insane but it’s actually a pretty logical move.

“Now the prequels aren’t going to be like the OT:Revisited saga. With the OT it has only been minor editing changes (well part from ROTJ:R) but the PT really need a major overhaul. A LOT of editing will be done. Now working on all three will really help with this. Say, for instance, that i have an idea of how the story flows in TPM that will later affect something in say ROTS then, if i finish that one first only to find that i can’t pull it off when i get to ROTS, i will hit a huge stumbling block and the whole trilogy would fall apart. This way i can make sure that this doesn’t happen as i will be able to try the changes out in the later films as i work on the first. Plus, as many of the locations are featured in all three films, and miniatures i need to build can be all filmed and used for each movie without the chance that these will either get damaged or that i won’t have the room to store everything. And another thing, i will most likely need to film extra scenes/ inserts and if i needed someone for a character in TPM and then later in AOTC/ ROTS there is the chance that this person/ persons wouldn’t be available and could put a stop me being able to finish what i started.

“So there you go. Complete and utter madness and a huge workload but this can be done and is really the only possible way i can accomplish what i want to do with the prequels.”


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