Adywan Announces Delay for ESBR

Hi Guys. I think i should explain why i’m probably not going to be able to reply to anyone personally and even may have to miss the December 2011 release date:

Early last year my Mother died, which left my 80 year old Dad on his own. This devastated us, but dad was a strong guy and amazingly active for his age. But later that same year we discovered he had cancer. Mid April he had his operation after he had finished his chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. Things were looking good. They had been able to remove the cancer and he was given the all clear. 2 Days after his operation he contracted pneumonia in the hospital and this knocked him for six. He hasn’t really recovered from this and i have been caring for him ever since he got out of hospital. Recently he has got worse and i am spending most of my day caring for him. I have managed to arrange some home help, but they are only there for about half an hour a few times a day. I’m physically and mentally exhausted and really don’t feel like working on the edit or going online much (plus i have no internet at Dads). The only small amount of time i have at the moment is getting everything ready for the 2nd unit live action shoot this weekend. After that, i just don’t know how much time i could spare to work on anything Revisited related. i I hope you can understand now why it may seem like i’m ignoring you. I assure you i am not, but family has to come first.

To Stephen, Rick, and everyone else that has been spreading the word and giving your amazing support to these edits, i thank you. I really do appreciate everything you are doing. I will drop by your pages and personally thank you when i am able.

If things don’t improve the i really can’t see that i can get all the new models, sets , creatures etc finished by December. Not only is time just not on my side but every penny i have of my personal money is gone on getting things that would help Dad that we just can’t get on the NHS. The last of the donations towards the project dried up a few weeks ago on styrene and other modelling materials, and before anyone asks, no, none of the donations have ever gone towards anything other than items needed for this edit. I am very appreciative of the help those who have donated towards the materials and i would never abuse anyone’s trust like that.

Please don’t lose faith in this edit. It will get finished and released, it just may take that little longer. Things have just not been on my side and i apologise for having to change the release date so many times.

Thank you



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