A New Hope: Revisited: Special Edition Details!

Once Adywan is done working on Return of the Jedi: Revisited, he already announced that he would be recreating the original A New Hope: Revisited in high definition. The problem lies in that all of the original files are gone and were only in standard definition anyway. Which means that Adywan will have to start from scratch to make A New Hope: Revisited even better using the tools and knowledge he’s gained revisiting Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi by that point.

Since he announced it, people have been asking if Adywan is considering some re-edits of his re-edit. He has confirmed to me the following changes are being considered:

  • The controversial electric torture droid needle will be changed
  • A different Death Star reveal not using reused footage from ESB
  • Choice of music or music-less duel
  • Some changes to the Special Edition Mos Eisley content
  • New Ben’s Hut matte (neither the original nor the Special Edition one)
  • Spinning starfield restored for hyperspace jump, which is being kept in Empire
  • Going to try to restore final shot of Tarkin before the Death Star blows up
  • Going to try to reorganize shots so Threepio’s original reaction to Artoo being hit during Luke’s trench run will be restored

Keep in mind that this is years away and Adywan may continue to change his mind. He is not taking suggestions on further changes, but you can discuss this announcement in the thread.


“I won’t be using “Battle of the Heroes” in ANH:RHD. I was going to have a selectable audio track so you could chose to have the music during the battle, or not, but i forgot about the slightly different timing in the video to have this music  mix with the original, which is why i had to slow down the cloak dropping. I think it works better without the added music.”

UPDATE (7/2/2015):

Another change confirmed!

UPDATE (12/4/2017)

“The prequel references added to ANH:R will be gone for the HD version (The battle droid added into the sandcrawler scene was only added as in in-joke anyway. Left in a junk pile 😉 ). I no longer have to worry about fixing anything in the OT that contradicts those films.”


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