AT-AT Physical Model Update

After having a busy April 1 fooling the into thinking he had been banned, Adywan today posted this update:

I’ve been busy modifying the Revell AT-AT model. It’s still a long way from being finished but i thought i’d post some pics of it’s progress.

As you can see the head needed a lot of work because the original (top picture) was so incorrect. It’s still unfinished as there is a lot of tidying up work to do but it’s now very close to the original filming model. The two side guns were originally able to move but were both positioned at a different angle to one another and couldn’t be moved independently. They can now move separately. The main underside guns were fixed but they can now be moved like the filming model. The two domes either side of the head where the guns are mounted were originally flat so i had to remodel them to be more dome shaped. Also the underside flaps either side of the head were originally very flat and not angled like the studio model so those had to be completely redone. Also, as you can see, the face had to be rebuilt from scratch

I’m working on the legs now. I’m making them fully posable and correcting the mistakes so it will match the studio model

You can discuss this on the ESBR thread.


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