Empire:R Release Formats & Bacta Coloring

After a few page debate on the thread, Adywan has narrowed down what formats Empire Revisited will be released in later this year.

After a lot of consideration i think it will be best for me to release ESB:R as just 4 releases:

720p high bitrate mkv
Special featured DVD-5 NTSC only

Now this way i won’t be wasting a lot of time having to do multiple versions and then have the hassle of uploading such a high volume. The mkv can be played either on a computer or through a media player (which are now a lot more common and aren’t expensive). Also if anyone wanted to burn it to a blu-ray then they can just use TSMuxer to convert it to a blu-ray format and this takes no time at all and loses no quality.

The DVD’s will only be DVD-9 because they can easily be shrunk to fit on a DVD-5 using something like DVDShrink if someone wanted that, but with dual layer burners being commonplace now and discs being really cheap then i can’t see why someone would want a DVD-5 nowadays anyway.

Then the special features disc will be NTSC only as it doesn’t really matter about the smaller than PAL resolution and people can download it if they want to watch the features without having to download a 25gb blu-ray disc.

He also revisited the color of the Bacta tank that Luke is healed in. Originally the water was supposed to be red, as it is when Luke is not in it:

But when they tried to use the tank to light the whole room, it lost the red coloring:

Adywan has recently tweaked the colors to try to bring Ralph McQuarrie’s original idea (top) back:


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