Announcing the “Official Site”

Gentlemen, and whoever of you that might be ladies in the audience, I’m pleased to make an announcement.

In order to have a centralized place to find out what’s going on lately with the Revisited Project, I have created what amounts to the “official site”:

I have moved all of the Revisited articles from my personal blog over to here, and will be updating it with links to the YouTube previews, announcements, etc. It won’t be another place for Ady to announce things, it will be the place to go to get a combination of all of the announcements made related to the project, whether they came from, Ady’s Facebook account, Ady’s Twitter, or the ESBR Facebook group.

If you’re tired of following a nearly-900 page thread, this will be the place for you. There will be no comments enabled, as that is what a discussion thread is for. No links to downloads either. It will just be information.

If you’re really in a hurry and use Twitter, I’ve also created @SWRevisited to give you bite sized news updates. Even if you follow @adywan, this should be a good resource for you.


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Curator of Star Wars Visual Comparisons, webmaster for Star Wars Revisited, former co-host of Standard Orbit podcast, all around nerd.
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