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Members of the Empire Strikes Back Revisited Facebook page were invited to submit their questions to be answered by Adywan.  I’ve added links to some of Adywan’s responses to videos and images showing what he’s talking about.


Derek Lewis:
What’s the ballpark ETA? I’m dying to see it ><
Glenn Arthur:
how soon til Adywan’s ESB:Revisited is complete?
Peter Ferguson:
My only question is there is a tentative date on ESB:Revisited being released soon. Or is there still a lot of work to be done.
Sandy Cotreau:
1, Approximately how long before we get to see the latest masterpiece?
2, Is any work being done as far as making Yoda lip synced?
3, Is any work being done on the bounty hunters, such as Bossk’s eyes blinking and/or mouth moving, etc.?
4, Is the back of Vader’s head going to remain (preferably) unaltered?

Thanks for the opportunity and keep up the AMAZING work Ady. It speaks volumes when one person working virtually alone can do more to correct & improve such a classic film than a whole group of visual effects professionals. Thanks, Ady. We appreciate you and your efforts. Your version of Star Wars is now my preferred one. Anytime I want to watch what is one of my favourite films of all time, yours is the one I grab.

1. I’m hoping for a July 2011 release
2. There has been some subtle tweaking done to Yoda’s mouth movements but to fully lip sync Yoda would require a CG mouth replacement.
3. There has been a subtle tweak to Bossk.
4. There will be no change to that

Travis Tyler Black:
1, My main question is, when you’re doing color correction, what is your source of reference on deciding what is closest the original 35mm colors looked? GOUT? Old prints? A voice in your head? OK just kidding about that last one 😉
2, oh wise one, is what shots in Empire bother you so much that you feel like you have to film your own material to replace them with? Just curious. Thanks sir! – Travis
Jonathan Lindstrom:
What scenes is he “redoing” or adding to? I know he’s mentioned needing some extras, as well as using some models. So my question is can you describe the new scenes?
Chris Palladino:
Excited about seeing your revision of ESB. Been since I saw your first masterpiece. I had heard about a reshoot and thought you were shooting the snowtroopers entering the wampa room. Is that so? If not, are you adding some scenes? I am looking forward to any previews you might be showing. Could that happen soon?

A lot of reference photos taken while filming ESB, the theatrical versions and scanned frames taken from an original theatrical 70mm print.
As for the newly filmed material, well apart from the trooper scenes i have mentioned i will be redoing the Wampa. It’s appearance is inconsistent throughout and made only worse thanks to the SE. As it stands now there are 3 different versions of the Wampa. Also i think the Wampa should remain mysterious like it was originally. The new SE wampa was too “in your face”. The cave scene was so much better originally. Unfortunately, to return it back to the original way the scene was edited it is impossible to use footage from the theatrical DVD’s because of just how bad the quality is. As i will be building and filming a new Wampa i will be filming a few extra shots to replace the ones in the theatrical cut.
No, i won’t be shooting the snowtroopers entering the Wampa room.

Nfc Jd:
So, regarding the new Battle of Hoth footage that’s being shot for the Revisited ESB, with the extra ground infantry combat and such… How much time will be added to the battle and runtime? Hoth Rebels vs. snow Stormtroopers was so tragically glossed over in the original movie, I love the idea of more military action being put into the battle finally.

There will be no added shots to lengthen the battle. The ground troops are being filmed to replace some shots where the quality of the existing footage is either too poor or unusable. For example, when the generator is destroyed the whole screen becomes white for many frames and it would be impossible to use the existing troops with the new generator explosion. Other things are being filmed for background action.

Damien Slattery:
I am wondering if the great Adywan is doing anything about the “dead eyes” of the tauntauns at Empire’s beginnings? This and the stop- motion of the beasts has always troubled me. I recall in 1980 the giggles of the audience at the first scene of Empire – the phony tauntaun moves were a terrible risk for the discerning. As this is the establishing shot of the film and if its starts hokey- then how are we to take it seriously?

There isn’t much i can do about the eyes. I’ve added a few subtle blinks but that’s about it. I have smoothed out the stop motion animation and given these animations some motion blur, which the lack of it is noticeable to the human eye and will make things look more fake.

Cyrus Jalinous:
Yeah, I have a question. Why the hell hasn’t Lucasfilm PAID Ady for doing all the stuff they SHOULD’VE done in the first place in the official remastered release? Anyway, seriously though, about Empire. Ady’s gonna get rid of the two asteroids, right? The one that was a shoe and the other that was a potato?

No. i won’t be removing these. No one yet has been able to find them and even if they had been found i think that these should remain as they were an in-joke done by ILM. These type of things are just fun additions and not mistakes.

Rudolfs Griva:
Hi, which Emperor will be in Revisited edition – Original or Ian McDiarmid? And there will be a DVD release of Ep. 5 Revisited?

It will be Ian McDiarmid, but he will look more like his ROTJ appearance than his ROTS one. You can see a sample of the Emperor as he will appear in the ESB:R final trailer.

Andrew Gilbertson:
With the recent Blu-ray announcement and the screened clip from ROTJ (the already scored Luke-building-saber scene) is there any chance we’ll be seeing deleted scenes either incorporated into ESB (necessitating another project delay, or at the very least, into the eventual ROTJ? That one, at least, as it’s nearly complete?

No, there wouldn’t be any deleted scenes put back into ESB. I think the way this movie was edited in 1980 was pretty perfect and adding extra scenes would just ruin that. A case that was proved with the extra shots of Vader’s shuttle leaving Bespin. That ruined the whole flow of the escape and the butcher job done on John Williams prefect musical score just spoiled the whole thing.

Christian J Simpson:
1, You presumably working off the Standard Definition DVDs, when the HD Blu-Ray versions come out, they are going to be superior quality to his edits, no?
2, How are you going to optimize the edits? will you just replace the source SD files with HD files, and your edits will seamlessly be overlaid on the HD versions… or would he have to start again? Seems a shame… but I see why he couldn’t wait forever for HD!

I would have to start from scratch. A HD version of Episode 4 became available when i was about 80% done with ANH:R but i was unable to use this because of the work i had already completed. Another reason was that i had to use some SD video from the 2006 theatrical DVD’s and this would not have blending in so well if i had been working in 1080p. Then there’s the final reason that is working in 1080p with all the effects work i was adding takes a lot of processing power. I just didn’t have a PC at the time capable of doing this.

Scotty Essex Sr.:
In the scene (on Yavin Rebel Base) where Luke says goodbye to Leia leading up to Luke talking to Biggs: As he turns from Leia it seems that he is holding his helmet differently and the back ground actors are slightly positioned differently, while doing a comparison/splitscreen shot I tried to line up Luke to sync the scene but I could not. I used footage from an old laserdisc and Ady’s Revisited for the splitscreen. Was anything done to this by Adywan or is the Laserdisc scene a completely different shot used for filming than what is on the current DVD’s?

For the Special Editions they used an alternate take of this shot because the original was cut before Biggs appeared.

Doug Allord:
1, If technology/existing footage weren’t an issue, what would you change about the Endor battle? Would you keep the Ewoks?
2, When the Blu-ray’s are released next year, IF you were to see any additions that were clearly ‘borrowed’ from your edits, what would your response be (whether positive or not)

1. I’d make the Ewoks more vicious for one instead of looking like teddy bears play fighting and more troops during the ground battle. The choreography of the fighting wasn’t too good so i would reshoot most of the ground battle
2. If i did spot anything that was inspired by Revisited i would be highly honoured but probably a little miffed if no credit was given for anything that was obviously “borrowed”

Élio Lopes Ribeiro:
Indeed I do have a question but maybe I’m going too far away. I read somewhere that after you finished the herculean job of revisiting the OT that you were going to do the same to the PT. Is it true you’re going to revised the PT, do you have any idea how? I don’t doubt you’re a professional doing your work, but I just can’t see it happening as it’s such a big undertaking If you have seen Mr. Plinkets review of the Phantom menace ( Red letter Media )
Thank you.

Yes, i will be tackling the PT. Whereas Episodes 4 , 5 & 6 are more of a cosmetic change (ROTJ will be getting more of an editing make-over too), the PT need to be stripped down to their basics and try to reassemble the story. Sometimes it seemed a little disjointed. These will be my biggest challenge. I want them to tie in with the Original trilogy as they should have done instead of changing the original movies to fit in with the prequels. If i can make them more enjoyable to the original trilogy fans and give them more of an OT feel then i would have done my job. Can it be done? I really won’t know that until i start planning everything out. It will be a logistical nightmare though and bigger than Original Trilogy Revisited

Mike Godzina:
I do realize that some things may be kept secret for now, but I must ask: What are your plans for the Prequel Trilogy?

There isn’t much planned for the prequels yet as i am at least 4 years away from starting TPM. But 3P0 won’t be built by Anakin and won’t be at the Lars homestead in Ep2. In fact he may not even be in the first 2 films at all. Jar Jar will be getting a redub and the slapstick elements will be removed. I’m also going to try and attempt to keep the “father” reveal in ESB the surprise it once was, so you won’t see Anakin become Vader, but there is a good chance that Vader will feature a little more in EP3. Oh yeh, and Padme won’t die from a broken heart. She may not die at all. And NO midichlorians.

Iain Maynard:
Hi. Where can this project and your ANH project be downloaded from? Is there a torrent for them? YouTube is banned in this country (Turkey) and none of my usual work-arounds work anymore. Keep up the good work!
Sean Rabindranauth:
My biggest question is how do I do this ? I am dying to watch your edit and just find myself lost.

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