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Dagobah Trees

Adywan’s current project has been working on making a Dagobah model to replace the matte used in ESB and RotJ, namely the swamp trees. Updated (8/25/14) with new image! Here’s a shot of Ady’s trees with vines (he’s going to … Continue reading

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Prize Drawing TOMORROW!

Today (July 1) is the last day to be in with a chance of winning one of the models from ESB:R. The draw will be taking place on 2nd july. Don’t forget, for every £5 you donate, that gets you … Continue reading

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Complete Escape from Hoth & Asteroid Chase Video

Here is the download link to the fully completed Escape from Hoth/ Asteroid Chase scene comparison video. It’s just over 180mb. Enjoy. https://mega.co.nz/#!nc81mYSa!FWMChmcVKyHO68AujGxWLtzSUsp0hQcGbycHgmJ5rZA Also available on Vimeo: TESB Revisited – Escape From Hoth (May 2014 clip) from ladyferry on Vimeo. … Continue reading

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Early “May The Fourth” Gift – 10 Minutes of ESBR!

Check out 10 minutes of ESBR!

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Fixing The Cockpit Crops

Something that really bugged me about the DVD/Blu-Ray releases of the Original Trilogy ( apart from the messed up colour pallet of course) was the re-framing/ cropping of all the wide shots inside the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit. This was something … Continue reading

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Snowspeeder Flap BTS + Video

Adywan has finished filming the elements for the speeder flaps that should be visible from inside most cockpit shots during the Battle of Hoth. Today i filmed the very last shot for the speeder flaps. Had some disasters along the … Continue reading

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Shield Generator Fix

Some have been wondering what Ady’s new Shield Generator model is supposed to fix. (Theatrical top, Special Edition bottom) As you can see, the Shield Generator is badly matted into this shot. When it explodes, the Special Edition keeps the screen … Continue reading

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