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Dagobah Trees

Adywan’s current project has been working on making a Dagobah model to replace the matte used in ESB and RotJ, namely the swamp trees. Updated (8/25/14) with new image! Here’s a shot of Ady’s trees with vines (he’s going to … Continue reading

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Prize Drawing TOMORROW!

Today (July 1) is the last day to be in with a chance of winning one of the models from ESB:R. The draw will be taking place on 2nd july. Don’t forget, for every £5 you donate, that gets you … Continue reading

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Complete Escape from Hoth & Asteroid Chase Video

Here is the download link to the fully completed Escape from Hoth/ Asteroid Chase scene comparison video. It’s just over 180mb. Enjoy. https://mega.co.nz/#!nc81mYSa!FWMChmcVKyHO68AujGxWLtzSUsp0hQcGbycHgmJ5rZA Also available on Vimeo: TESB Revisited – Escape From Hoth (May 2014 clip) from ladyferry on Vimeo. … Continue reading

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Early “May The Fourth” Gift – 10 Minutes of ESBR!

Check out 10 minutes of ESBR!

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Fixing The Cockpit Crops

Something that really bugged me about the DVD/Blu-Ray releases of the Original Trilogy ( apart from the messed up colour pallet of course) was the re-framing/ cropping of all the wide shots inside the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit. This was something … Continue reading

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On another note, here is a little video that recently went viral. It also features our newest member to the Revisited team, Simon Wilkie as C-3P0 (yes, 3P0 WILL be in the prequels, but not as droid created by Anakin, … Continue reading

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Snowspeeder Flap BTS + Video

Adywan has finished filming the elements for the speeder flaps that should be visible from inside most cockpit shots during the Battle of Hoth. Today i filmed the very last shot for the speeder flaps. Had some disasters along the … Continue reading

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