Another Production Update + Naming Change UPDATE

Another update from Adywan on his house move:

Sorry about the lack of updates here. I have only just got internet back since i was cut off prior to the house move and, for some reason, accessing on my mobile just didn’t want to work so i could only access and post any updates on facebook through the android app.

I haven’t got my main computer set up yet. I only have the wife’s old laptop to use at present, so i can’t work or access any of the video side of things. I’m having to do a bit or work on the house (part new kitchen and a new bathroom because the owner before had a disabled bath fitted, plus the whole house has to be redecorated and new carpets.) All this work will need to be completed before i can start work on the new workroom, so i can have the computer set back up again and work on the models etc side of things again. I’m hoping that it shouldn’t take more than a couple of months to complete. I’m still aiming for a 2012 release date. Not too much left to do  before work on the audio starts. I need to catch up with a few people and get the ball rolling once again.

As most of my time is taken up at the moment, i probably won’t have time to read all the new comments and have a chance to reply to any for a while too. But i’ll try and get back into the swing of things ASAP.

Thanks for your patience.

And another announcement that will be more immediately visible on this site:

Also, from ESB:R onwards (including the HD version of ANH:R) the name Adywan will no longer be used for these edits. People now associate this name solely with me and it is not right that it would indicate that i am the sole person working on this. There are so many talented people that are now helping out, or have helped out, on ESB:R and this will continue for the rest of the Revisited edits.

so they will now become An AD1 Production, as it is more like a small production company working on these edits.

I’m very proud to be a part of AD1 and will be doing a long-overdue refresh of the site in the coming week or so.



UPDATE: After some deliberation by the other members of the team, it has been decided that the name on the project will remain “Adywan”.

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