How To Get Revisited

Because it can’t be shared enough, please use these instructions from the Facebook Page when trying to figure out how to get Revisited.


First, Star Wars is copyrighted by LFL and you have to own a copy of the films in order to own a copy of this edit. This is a free edit/enhancement, if you bought this edit from someone you have to go kick them in the nuts and get your money back (this was also Ady’s suggestion in the pop up video section listing all the changed of ANH:R and we all agree wholeheartedly.). If they do not have nuts, well just get your money back and call them a bad word to make them cry. =P

Now to get Revisited on DVD you have to have a few things:

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Update: Real Paid Work

Yes, updates are scarce to say the least lately, But it’s because i’ve been working my ass off to get this thing completed. But things have been put on hold temporarily. Why? Well i have been offered some paid FX work for a short film, which is going to take me away from the edit only for about a month, maybe less, maybe more. It’s an opportunity i couldn’t pass up. As much as Revisited has been my priority for a long time, you have to remember that i’m doing it for free. I don’t make a penny from it. Every single penny donated goes back into the edit on top of what i have already put into this edit myself.

So, what does this mean for ESB Revisited? Well, as i’m working flat out on the work for this short, it leaves me little or no time to work on the miniatures or anything else. The PC is pretty much tied up 24/7. Now i’m confident that i can get the HiC, Dagobah & Hangar miniatures done by Christmas, but the Wampa will most likely have to wait until after the Christmas break. It may or may not happen this way, so i’m not going to say for definite that it won’t be out this year and why we will no longer give release dates.

Yes, i know that the usual sarcastic comments about how long its taking will now appear, but i don’t care. If i cared about what people complaining think, i would have given up a long time ago and just abandoned the project. But this i NOT going to happen. But my “real” life HAS to come first. But what it does mean is that i won’t be taking such a long break as i had planned after ESB before i start working on the rest of the saga. I’m pretty much just going to take a couple of months off and get straight into it.

I know there will be disappointment and many of you may lose interest in this, but we are so close to the finish line now. It is coming.


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Dagobah Trees

Adywan’s current project has been working on making a Dagobah model to replace the matte used in ESB and RotJ, namely the swamp trees.

10548321_932499526765630_6980286988054669190_oUpdated (8/25/14) with new image!

Here’s a shot of Ady’s trees with vines (he’s going to make some less detailed ones to fill in the spaces).

Thanks to some generous donors, Ady was able to afford a new lens for his camera so he can shoot the new matte.

Here are the mattes he’s replacing (theatrical top, special edition bottom):

esb-trees1 esb-trees2 rotj-trees

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Prize Drawing TOMORROW!

Today (July 1) is the last day to be in with a chance of winning one of the models from ESB:R. The draw will be taking place on 2nd july. Don’t forget, for every £5 you donate, that gets you an entry into the draw. So, if you donated say £10, that got you 2 entries, and so on. And for every £25 donated that gets you into the exclusive draw to win the snowspeeder model.

Best of luck :)

Oh, and if we get 5 more entries for the snowspeeder draw, i may well post a new clip ;)

You can donate using one of the PayPal buttons on the right side of this site!

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At the beginning of July the prize draw for a piece of Revisited will be taking place. With the Dagobah miniature set almost ready for filming, this means that filming all the pieces used for the prizes will be complete and can now be released for the draw.

Now , as there is still a couple of weeks left before the draw, anyone that makes a donation will still be entered into the prize draw. But please note that donations received will go towards materials needed for the next instalment in the Revisited saga as donation target for ESB:R had been reached.(work is already under way for ROTJ:R). So, if you want a chance to win a piece of Revisited, you still have time

All entries to the draw will cease on July 2nd 2014, when the draw will be announced on the 3rd.

For those not familiar with the prize draw, you can read all about it here:

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Complete Escape from Hoth & Asteroid Chase Video

Here is the download link to the fully completed Escape from Hoth/ Asteroid Chase scene comparison video. It’s just over 180mb. Enjoy.!nc81mYSa!FWMChmcVKyHO68AujGxWLtzSUsp0hQcGbycHgmJ5rZA

Also available on Vimeo:

TESB Revisited – Escape From Hoth (May 2014 clip) from ladyferry on Vimeo.

Or on YouTube:

Adywan has tweaked the TIE collision a bit:

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Early “May The Fourth” Gift – 10 Minutes of ESBR!

Check out 10 minutes of ESBR!

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Fixing The Cockpit Crops

Something that really bugged me about the DVD/Blu-Ray releases of the Original Trilogy ( apart from the messed up colour pallet of course) was the re-framing/ cropping of all the wide shots inside the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit. This was something that started to appear in a few shots in the 1997 SE’s, but was further changed upon the release of the DVD’s. Almost every wide shot inside the cockpit was heavily cropped.

Now many may not have even noticed this, but to me and many others, it stuck out like a sore thumb. Well, not any more……

I have been able to restore these shots to their original framing in glorious HD. Luckily i didn’t have to use those low quality Bonus DVDs that were released in 2006, or any of the other various home video releases, to restore the framing. i had a 1080p scan from a 35mm source. It was a pretty beat up print and badly faded, but did the trick in the end. I have been able to do all of the cropped shots. All i have heard about the cropping is that George preferred the tight framing done in ANH for the cockpits. How true that rumour is, is anyone’s guess.

So…. Click on the link to go to the comparison page…

Main image is the Official Blu-Ray and place the cursor over the image to see the restored version.

And the comparison between the GOUT and Revisited:

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